Shivering Feet in Salzburg

While other people are enjoying their cup of tea inside their fine soft throw blanket, I got on the train from Augsburg, heading to Austria.

Salzburg, December 28, 2018, what a perfect timing to be sick. Fever stroked me after travelling for a few days in Bavaria. But that didn’t stop me from seeing the city from the movie “The Sound of Music”.

After taking a few naps on the way to Salzburg, we got off the train and headed to the Mirabell Garden. It was cold, but the sun shined reflecting the colors of green and cream and clarified the blue sky that hasn’t been there for awhile since winter came. Meanwhile my friends were occupied with their smartphones, capturing the palace and garden, I stood on the balcony of the entrance to the garden and was thankful. I was thankful, because of the view that I was still able to see, with my shivering feet.


We entered the garden together with more than 50 tourists at that time. The green grass and yellow Carolina flowers lingered in the garden, flourished delicate colors of the garden and the palace.


Salzburg is not a very big city, we could walk from one sight to another. And while walking, you could stroll in the city centre, where there are old buildings with no gaps between them to see. Small boutiques and classic European restaurants were painted in pastel colors and have their own traditional hang signs with vintage ornaments. My head suddenly started to get dizzy and my stomach grumbled. It was lunch time.


We visited hundreds of restaurants, but unfortunately either they were already really full or they were closing due to the stocks that were already finish. Lesson learned; don’t go to Salzburg on Christmas holiday or grab lunch earlier. We ended up eating in a chain restaurant called “Nordsee” which was also available in Germany, since it was the only restaurant that were available for us to actually eat inside. My stomach was swirling so hard and I knew I have to eat, if I want to feel any better. “Nordsee” was also not that kind of a budget-friendly restaurant, so unfortunately I had to give up some money, just to keep me going without shivering feet. The hot prawn soup helped. I felt much better after lunch. I washed my hands, put on my jacket once again, and headed outside. I was once again thankful.


We walked to the Hohensalzburg Fortress, but the tram that would took us to the top of the fortress would be closed in a little while. So instead, nearby is the St. Peter’s Abbey and Catacomb. We had to pay 2 euros for the entrance to the catacomb, and it was worth the price. The catacomb is not like the catacomb in France, where the skulls are still there, but instead, the catacomb is located literally inside a cliff. You couldn’t see the building itself, you could only see a huge cliff with a few windows and maybe little parts of the construction from the catacomb. I didn’t take pictures of it, because my head still wasn’t functioning very well. Inside the catacomb, you could see the city of Salzburg, since you have to climb a few stairs inside the cave-like catacomb. The smell of wet stones and voices of tourists echoing inside the catacomb gave me the bearing of being in a mysterious atmosphere. 


It was time for us to slowly prepare ourselves to say goodbye to the city. The moment we walked by the same path we took to the fortress, I just happened to realize how beautiful the architecture of the city. I felt much much much better. The sun was setting down, the lights of city were dazzling in front of us that were actually saying goodbye, heading back to reality. Seeing pastel-colored European architecture and shimmering warm lights reminds me of my mom, since she loved travelling to Europe so much. I stared at the lights, thinking about my family. Being far away from your family is of course, not the easiest thing in the world. The lights were disturbing my eyes, I stared then at my friends. I’d always believe that, family is not always defined as blood-related.

We got on the train, heading back to Germany. I was not yet filling 100% fit, but at least my head was fine. I have no regrets. Salzburg made me realized that first; the combination of lightning and color on particular architecture plays an essential role in terms of aesthetics, which may be useful for my studies, second; you can have families anywhere, that’s why they say, “The world is your home.” 

I was once again thankful.

Nadine Roza SaraswatiComment