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the journey

The one thing that makes The Artsy Blog special is that it tells a story. Memories, emotions, and great experiences fuse uniquely into art. Every single content is an act of sharing happiness with my readers and also a step further for me in achieving my dreams. The Artsy Blog would mainly focus on three topics; inspiring journeys, cultures, and crafts.


new on the blog


The Perks and Hassles of Studying Abroad Zine is finally here.

Head over to the shop to see the specs! P.s. the zine is also available as download.

Shivering Feet in Salzburg

While having a fever, me and friends got on a train from Germany, heading to the Salzburg, Austria.


The Bittersweet of Living in a Small Town

From being raised under tall skyscrapers, now she lives in between fairy meadows.

Istana di Bukit Marburg

Berkunjung ke istana yang berada di atas bukit Marburg.

Dragged Back to The Medieval

What would it be like living in Limburg, 100 years ago?


Cerita Persahabatan di München

Bertemu dengan kedua sahabat kita setelah 2 tahun di ibukota Bavaria, Jerman.